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Sep 17, 2012

Telco Systems Launches New High Density AdvancedTCA Line Cards

T-ATCA blades complement company’s award winning ATCA switching blade line SANTA CLARA, CA, September 17th 2012 - Telco Systems, a BATM company (LSE: BVC) and developer of multi-service Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and AdvancedTCA solutions, revealed today its high density Line Interface Card (LIC) ATCA blade portfolio. The new ATCA blades complement the company’s award winning 10GE and 40GE T-ATCA switching blades. The LICs blades offer high density 10GE and 1GE line cards that can be flexibly configured to support various aggregation scenarios in combination with carrier-grade high performance T-ATCA 40GE switching blades. This portfolio of line cards and switching blades are supported by BiNOX - a sophisticated network operating system that addresses the performance and scalability challenges required for carrier-grade deployments. These new ATCA solutions are ideal for new 40GE applications such as LTE RAN, security firewall and intrusion detection appliances, cloud gateway devices, military applications and deep packet inspection equipment.

Telco Systems released two new line cards today - T-ATCA 4020 which supports 20x10GE ports, and T-ATCA 4062 which offers 62x1GE ports on single 1RU blades. Using 40GE triple mesh or dual star topologies, the cards support a non-blocking capacity toward the backplane of up to 240GE for LIC-8020 blade and 80GE for LIC-4062. This product line offers best in class port density configurations of 10GE or 1G aggregation, and the ability to maintain wire speed 40G hub switching by offloading the main switching blades with the existing chassis and backplane design.

The new T-ATCA product line is empowered by BiNOX system software, winner of the 2011 ATCA Best Software Award, which offers extensive built-in networking capabilities, including switching, IPv4/IPv6 routing, MPLS, protection and redundancy, clock synchronization, extensive QoS schemes and load balancing. This field-proven carrier-grade networking operating system offers superior control and security while delivering wire-speed layer 2-4 networking. Hundreds of thousands of BiNOX-enabled devices have been deployed in critical networks, global and local carrier networks, mobile operator and enterprise networks, and are offered within Telco Systems’ Carrier Ethernet products, as well as the company’s line of T-ATCA switching blades.

"Telco Systems harnessed its carrier-grade networking expertise to offer ATCA application developers the opportunity to gain inter-working advantages and efficiencies in carrier networks with densities that are un-matched in the industry" said Aviv Miller, ATCA product line manager for Telco Systems. "Using the LICs blades allows vendors to focus on their core expertise, addressing today’s need for very high speed switching and aggregation combined with extensive rich networking and management software to shorten developers’ overall time-to-market."

The LICs product line can be purchased as a stand-alone line card, combined with the T-ATCA switching blades, or in a fully pre-configured system using the company’s T-Metro 8006 carrier-grade system, including chassis, blades and software. Using T-ATCA switching, or a full chassis T-Metro system, IaaS cloud solutions providers and OEM applications developers can rapidly shorten their time-to-market by adding their solution into a ready-made carrier-grade field tested system and software solution. T-ATCA blades are field proven and used by leading DPI and security applications developers as well as in Telco Systems’ T-Metro 8006 cloud gateway and service aggregation solution, and are fully managed using the company’s EdgeGenie service management system.

Come to see us at Carrier Ethernet World Congress (CEWC) at booth #22 and see the new T-ATCA cards at the ATCA summit, booth #306

About Telco Systems
Telco Systems provides a diverse product family of robust Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-based demarcation and aggregation solutions enabling service providers to create an intelligent end-to-end service assured Ethernet/MPLS network. The company’s solutions enable carriers to differentiate their services, address new revenue-generating opportunities, and transform the user experience while lowering overall operating expenses. Using a powerful service management system, such as the EdgeGenie, eases customer network planning and activation to reduce OPEX and deliver cost effective TCO.

Telco Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker LSE:BVC). For more information, please visit Telco Systems' web site at

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