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Jul 25, 2012

Telco Systems receives patent award for real-time, in-line bandwidth measurement

Technology advances Telco Systems’ products to offer assured quality of service

MIAMI, MA– July 25, 2012 - Telco Systems, a BATM company (LSE: BVC) and developer of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant multi-service and MPLS solutions, announced they have been granted a US patent (US 8,165,011 B2) for their new developments in real-time network quality measurement. The new patent strengthens Telco Systems’ award-winning solutions and will increase service providers’ ability to provide dynamic, real-time Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance for their customers.

Quality of service and assuring SLA has become an extremely important requirement for service providers, cable operator MSO’s and mobile operators as they provide mission critical business, mobile backhaul, and transaction networks using Carrier Ethernet connections. Further, service providers are being asked to provide detailed, granular based OAM metrics that can run non-intrusively and in-line with the customer’s data traffic to ensure customers’ SLA levels are being met. The ability to handle real time traffic with sub second reporting granularity enables operators to better manage and monitor high volume transaction traffic (such as in trading networks) or accommodate variable mobile traffic fluctuations across cell sites.
Variety of measurement mechanisms have been standardized over the years to allow service providers to initiate tests to ensure assured SLA’s have been kept. Unfortunately those methods typically required special ‘probe’/test sets to be placed at both ends of the services and had to have a scheduled maintenance window to perform the tests to measure the quality of the network. Telco Systems’ patent enables highly accurate actual real-time in-line measurements (not statistical estimates) that are non-service affecting. Thus measurements do not require the operator to take actual customer connections down for measurements maintenance while also collecting actual traffic measurements to monitor longer-term degradation that may occur over time.

“We take pride in providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that allow them to provide highly differentiated services to their customers” said Itzik Weinstein, CEO for Telco Systems. “Our MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE2.0) compliant Metro Ethernet solution already provides customers with superior quality of service using standards based mechanisms like Hierarchical QoS (HQOS), RFC 25444, ITU Y.1731 and Y.1564sam. This patented methodology allows us to provide integrated real-time service assurance with microsecond granularity in our switching equipment without disrupting customers’ service levels and paying for additional CAPEX for test sets and probes.”

About Telco Systems

Telco Systems provides a diverse product family of robust Carrier Ethernet and MPLS-based demarcation and aggregation solutions enabling service providers to create an intelligent end-to-end service assured Ethernet/MPLS network. The company’s solutions enable carriers to differentiate their services, address new revenue-generating opportunities, and transform the user experience while lowering overall operating expenses. Using a powerful service management system such as the EdgeGenie, eases customer network planning and activation to reduce OPEX and deliver cost effective TCO.

Telco Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (London stock exchange ticker LSE:BVC). For more information, please visit Telco Systems' web site at

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