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Jun 17, 2014

Telco Systems Introduces Innovative SDN & NFV Solutions for Transitioning to IT Aware Networks

New Open Metro Edge solution utilizes the SDN & NFV concepts to accelerate and orchestrate service providers' service delivery through innovative product portfolio and software applications

MANSFIELD, MA, and CHICAGO, IL,  June 17th, 2014 – Telco Systems today announced their new strategy focused on their innovative Open Metro Edge (OME) SDN & NFV solutions supporting their network evolution approach for transitioning from Carrier Ethernet 2.0 to SDN and NFV architectures.

Telco Systems, a subsidiary of BATM Advanced Communications (LSE: BVC, TASE: BATM), is the leading provider of CE 2.0 multi-service Carrier Ethernet and MPLS edge access solutions for mobile backhaul, business Ethernet services and cloud networking.

The initiation of Telco Systems’ new strategy seeks to expand on their current portfolio of solutions by introducing their CloudMetro distributed NFV demarcation and aggregation product family, TelcoApps software network application products, and TelcoController SDN orchestration product.

Telco Systems' new strategy aims to harness the emerging SDN & NFV technologies to help service providers transition from being a connectivity provider to being able to offer IT content aware networks. Leveraging their CloudMetro distributed NFV products and TelcoApps virtualization tools, Telco Systems’ OME solution will transform current Carrier Ethernet networks that are built of single purpose elements into new age networks offering multi-functional devices.
Service providers will be able to offer new value-added services over the same infrastructures while shortening the introduction of those services from weeks to days. Telco Systems’ TelcoController SDN orchestration product can cut OPEX up to 80% with fast and automatic service provisioning and on demand dynamic bandwidth allocation support.
“Virtualization and SDN continues to be top of mind for service providers. They are looking at new ways to transform their networks in order to reduce the risks involved with developing new services, reduce the time to market for service introduction and activation, and to have a more agile platform to be innovative,” highlighted Dr. Ray Mota, Managing Partner at ACG Research. “The top two use cases are vEPC (virtual evolved packet core) and uCPE (virtualized customer premise equipment) that SPs see as a key priority to change. Service providers are looking for innovative solutions combining these technologies with open software products to create the next generation network edge.”

“We are very excited to unveil our strategic new OME solutions,” commented Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “We have been working hard to push innovation to the edge, and I believe our new line of SDN and NFV products strongly supports these efforts. We are working with several tier 1 operators and leading industry players in the application domain to offer a true open solution and a firm evolution path for transitioning from CE 2.0 into the SDN/NFV era.”

While other players offer NFV solutions either at the core or at the access points of the network, Telco Systems’ OME solutions are unique in the fact that it has the functional placement flexibility to position the various virtual networking functions (VNF) at any location on the network and to be orchestrated by TelcoController. 

TelcoApps software products implement Telco Systems’ CloudMetro devices to offer a full future-proof solution with CE 2.0, MPLS and OpenFlow support options for not only the Telco Systems’ CloudMetro product line, but also third party CPU based equipment, allowing Telco Systems’ customers to get fully flexible solutions to fit their needs.