NFVTime for Arm

NFVTime suite is hardware agonistic uCPE solution designed to allow real hardware-software decupling, supporting both Intel and Arm architecture seamlessly.

By partnering with Arm, Telco Systems built a deployment-ready uCPE, introducing an end to end solution for NFV access which is supported by a growing “NFVTime for Arm” ecosystem.

Why NFVTime?
  • Short Time to Market of NFV Services
  • Real hardware agnostic solution
  • Invest as you grow
  • Pure Play NFVi-OS, avoid vendor lock-in
Why using Arm architecture?
  • Agility and flexibility, Variety of SoC solutions (Bazar vs. Cathedral)
  • Secure your edge with robust embedded security
  • Programmable, future proof
  • Performance to Cost optimization

NFVTime Suite, flexible deployment and business offering

NFVTime-uCPE manager - Management and Orchestration (MANO) solution provides uCPE and service lifecycle management, as well as monitoring and operations functionalities. Designed for easy integration to OSS/BSS/NFV Orchestration, adding functional offload related to uCPE deployment. 

NFVTime-Access:  Introduces a wide range of uCPE solutions – ranging from software only (NFVTime-OS), to service-ready SD-WAN routers and security, using Verge open uCPE white-boxes and the integrated CloudMetro L2/MPLS CE2.0 NID with open computing.

ARM-based uCPE solution 
  • NFVtime designed to be hardware agnostic and allow extracting the best of Intel or Arm architecture. 
  • NFVtime manager and the solution NBI designed for Unified Intel/Arm MANO.
  • NFVtime suite designed to extract Arm architecture unique benefits such as enhanced security, higher performance, Performance/cost optimization, variety of white boxes.
  • Variety of SoC based on Arm means best fit of whitebox and performance to the target business case
NFVTime Arm Alliance

Telco Systems rich ecosystem for SDN-NFV expands to support Arm architecture
NFVTime global ecosystems 

NFVTime Central

uCPE MANO Solution 
End to end automated uCPE deployment, management and operation

Telco Systems’ NFVTime Central is a complete remote management and control system for modern NFV edge deployments. It provides Zero Touch Provisioning, Disaster Recovery (Backup/Restore) and uCPE Controller for devices and services deployed with the NFVTime solution. It is natively integrated with Telco Systems CloudMetro™ 10/100 uCPE (Integrated CE NID and x86), Verge uCPE (pure x86 or Arm platform) and third party certified White Boxes (Bring your own device business model for x86 platforms), all based on NFVTime-OS, a robust, open source, comprehensive NFVi-OS.

The NFVTime management and operations solution starts with the zero-touch deployment of a device and follows with automatic activation, authentication, and upgrade of software components. The ability to define service templates with multiple VNFs and network profiles by the customer or by customer site, dramatically reduces deployment time, operational support costs, and provides for rapid reaction to create and offer new services.

NFVTime simplifies, accelerates, and automates the lifecycle procedures with Home Calling, Remote Backup and Restore, Remote Upgrade, and Customer-Service management features.