Netrounds’ Active Traffic Generation and Application Monitoring Probe

Telco Systems’ vProbe application embedded on the CloudMetro node enables service providers to eliminate expensive field work required for service assurance. Using distributed vProbe applications enhances network quality and improves end-user experience, and at the same time reduces operational costs. In addition, the vProbe application makes it possible for service providers to provide their own customers with a best-of-breed SLA monitoring tool as a service.
Telco Systems’ CloudMetro product family provides service providers with  effortless deployment of the vProbe application as virtual instances running on demarcation and aggregation devices.

The vProbe application is based on Netrounds' innovative and proven solution for network testing, monitoring and troubleshooting. Netrounds is an award-winning and leading SaaS-based solution for end-to-end network testing and end-user experience monitoring, targeted for the service provider industry. Being a SaaS solution, Netrounds is very easy to introduce, requires no maintenance, and is both scalable and agile. The entire networking industry is working to enable agile networks that deliver assured connectivity services orchestrated across network domains between physical or virtual service endpoints, where Netrounds is committed to lead the way into the future for service assurance.

After initial deployment through the orchestration, interaction with distributed vProbes is done through the Netrounds cloud portal, where live test results and SLA insights are easily shared as part of a service provider’s offerings towards its enterprise customers. More than 200 customers, and thousands of network engineers trust Netrounds. 

Provides both operational cost savings, as well as potential new revenues

Proper service turn-up, actionable network performance monitoring and effective troubleshooting for network operation teams are increasingly important areas to stay competitive on the market. Besides simplifying all these parts of the network life cycle, Netrounds also provides additional revenue opportunities by up-selling of enhanced end-to-end SLA monitoring data. Through the Netrounds cloud portal, service providers can easily share monitoring data to its end customers. The end customer can even extend with a dedicated Netrounds subscription to create its own troubleshooting tool. This, in turn, reduces trouble tickets forwarded to the service provider’s customer support. This collaborative approach is made possible through the innovative Netrounds cloud solution, in combination with the Telco Systems’ Cloud Metro platform, to the benefit of all involved parties.

To summarize, Netrounds has the following benefits:

  • Lowered internal operational costs through efficient service turn-up, network performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, as problems can be verified and solved within minutes instead of days or weeks.
  • Added service provider revenue by selling enhanced end-to-end SLA monitoring services.

Use Cases

Netrounds vProbe have three main uses cases, all summarized in the table below. Please note that a single vProbe has support for all these scenarios concurrently.
1Active network traffic sent between two or more probes
  • Generate alarms when network performance degrades
  • Understand maximum network capacity
  • Validate QoS configurations
  • Service turn-up tests
  • SNMP alarms
  • Email alerts
  • Periodic reports
  • Test protocols
  • Throughput results per QoS class
  • 2One or more probes request real traffic from existing network services (IPTV streams, HTTP servers, DNS servers, SIP proxies)
  • See how services are experienced by end-users
  • Understand if services affect each other negatively
  • See service quality at multiple locations across the path from production sites to end-users
  • SNMP alarms
  • Email alerts
  • Periodic reports
  • Test protocols
  • Performance metrics per service (IPTV MPEG quality, MOS scoring of SIP services, HTTP response times)
  • 3Probes act speed test responders
  • Allow end-users to perform the initial phase during troubleshooting
  • Help users determine possible reasons for slow network experience
  • Upload and download rates from users’ browsers to probes
  • Statistics of all inbound speedtests
    • Simple and hassle-free deployment
    • Hardware-agnostic - physical probes on physical x86 hardware or as vProbes on hypervisors
    • Supports both active end-to-end traffic generation and remote packet capture
    • Supports end-user experience monitoring of IPTV, SIP-based IP telephony, and HTTP-based applications
    • Compliant with MEF and ITU-T Y.1564 service activation tests
    • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack, with stateful TCP traffic generation
    • Telco cloud ready – Netrounds vProbes can be deployed in other cloud environments such as Amazon AWS
    • Scale as you go - from single probe deployments to nationwide roll-outs 
    Product Specifications
    TCP and UDP traffic generationReal stateful TCP and UDP flows in different traffic classes and VLANs, IPv4 and IPv6, multicast. KPIs such as rate, loss, jitter, min/average/max latency and reordering. Up to 10 Gbit/s depending on underlying x86 hardware performance.
    IPTV and Digital Cable TVMulti-channel testing and monitoring IPTV stream quality from multiple locations. Measurements of channel zapping times. Support for inline measurements between CPE and STB. Support for Cable TV through USB dongle receiver. Compliant with ETSI TR 101 290 (Measurement guidelines for DVB systems).
    Speech quality and SIP signalingSpeech quality according to ITU-T E-model with support for G.711, G.723, G.729 and GSM-EFR. Measures SIP signaling performance and call quality, call success, and drop rate.
    HTTPDownload rate, TCP connect time, time to first byte, and response time for the specified URL.
    Y.1564 & MEFSupport for Y.1564 Ethernet Service Activation, and Carrier Ethernet MEF 2.0 certification blueprint tests.
    DNSMin, average, and max DNS server response times.
    SpeedtestSpeedtest responders for browser-initiated TCP performance tests.
    AlarmsEmail and SNMPv2/v3.
    PDF ReportsOn-demand generation of reports and/or periodic reporting.
    Packet capturingStream live captured packets directly from individual probes towards a desktop Wireshark application, or select a group of probes to stream packets as file download through the Netrounds portal.
    Result sharingShare specific live monitoring sessions or individual tests reports to any third party.
    Upgrades and maintenanceIncluded and managed automatically by Netrounds every 6-8 weeks.
    Data Sheets
    vProbe Data sheet
    Letter PDF (405.43 KB) • updated: 2015-05-21