SDN & NFV Open Metro Edge

While Carrier Ethernet 2.0 is being widely adopted in the industry, new technologies are emerging in service provider networks: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). In preparation for the imminent technology revolution surrounding these concepts, Telco Systems is augmenting its offering with its new and highly innovative Open Metro Edge (OME) solutions.

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Telco Systems' OME portfolio fully supports the company's comprehensive evolution plan for transitioning Carrier Ethernet 2.0 to SDN and NFV architectures. The tools provided with OME are designed to empower service providers and enable them to use their competitive advantages both by optimizing their total cost of ownership and by offering new types of services at a much faster pace to increase their revenues. The key advantage provided with OME is that it’s a full edge solution, but follows a very modular approach. By leveraging the synergies between SDN, NFV and open innovation, every element (demarcation, aggregation, controller, etc.) can be taken separately to fit each service provider’s needs, or can be bundled as a complete solution.

Telco Systems' Open Metro Edge Solution is comprised of the following virtualization tools:
  • CloudMetro distributed NFV
    demarcation and aggregation product family 
  • TelcoApps software products that run over CloudMetro and third party equipment to deliver specific functionalities
  • EdgeGenie Service Manager CE 2.00 & SDN/NFV Management System with an SDN controller (TelcoController) module and an NFV Orchestrator (TelcoOrchestrator)


Distributed NFV demarcation and aggregation product family 
  • 1GE and 10GE demarcation and high density 10GE aggregation devices 
  • full carrier grade CE 2.0 and IP/MPLS switches that have additional processing resources (hosting CPUs) that can run VNFs (virtualized network functions), or as we call them, TelcoApps© 
  • Telco Virtualization Engine (TVE™) hosting virtual software based functions (VNF)


Software products that run over CloudMetro and third party equipment to deliver specific functionalities
  • vCPE – Virtual CPE 
  • vFirewall - Virtual Firewall
  • vRouter – Virtual Router 
  • vMQoE – Virtual Multimedia QoE 
  • vAPOD – Virtual Application Prioritization On Demand
  • vCDN – Virtual Content Delivery Network

EdgeGenie Service Manager

CE 2.0 & SDN/NFV Management System 

  • Based on EdgeGenie Service Management Systems
  • Modular and complete solution for the full life cycle of network
  • deployment
  • Include an SDN controller (TelcoController) module that manages OpenFlow switches, and an NFV Orchestrator (TelcoOrchestrator) module that directs distributed NFV deployments
  • Agility – Add new automation and optimization capabilities
  • Application-based service customization
  • Third party apps integration

Service Provider Challenges:

  • Infrastructure costs are increasing while revenues are flattening 
  • Must add value on top of being a connectivity provider – transition to content awareness networks 
  • Service monetization – share the OTT revenues 
  • Cloud service requirements; Enterprises are transitioning their services to data centers 
  • Network scale and complexity increases 
  • Long TTM for new services launches

Why switch to SDN/NFV?

  • Transform CE 2.0 devices to multipurpose functional network
  • Automation of provisioning:
    • Reduced operational costs
    • Short TTM for new services launch
  • Dynamic BW management – WAN virtualization with elastic BW
  • Centralized path management
  • Enables business customers to transition critical applications to the cloud
    • Stringent security requirements
    • Tunneling to the data center