Full Stack Cloud Developer (Israel)

  • Israel
Job Requirements:
  • M.Sc/ B.Sc. degree in Computer Science
  • Minimum 5+ years’ work experience with Java - Mandatory
  • Proven Experience with JavaScript frameworks (such as Angular 2, reactJS, vue, ember, meteor, etc…) - Mandatory
  • Proven Experience with Web frameworks (such as Rubby, Django/Python, Laravel, etc…) - Mandatory
  • Experience working with SQL (PostgreSQL, etc…) & noSQL (Mongo, etc…) Databases - Mandatory
  • Proven knowledge in Cloud Computing (ECOMP, AWS, Tacker, RIFTio) - big advantage
  • Feel comfortable with database architecture, middleware, writing/consuming external APIs, front-end development and the fundamentals of good UI design - Mandatory
  • Excellent communication skills - Mandatory
E-mail for CV: